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West Sussex
United Kingdom

07517 577 557

Tekton Carpentry & Design bespoke furniture makers specialise in the design and construction of beautiful handmade British furniture. We specialise in wood and carpentry but often integrate all kinds of different materials from metals to plastics, ceramics and glass into our pieces. We provide high class, top quality one-off pieces of furniture to suit our clients specific needs.

Environmental - Bespoke Handmade Furniture Maker - Ethically made furniture, Brighton, Sussex

Environmentally aware Brighton based company, Tekton Carpentry & Design, bespoke furniture makers. Handmade ethical British furniture designed and built in our rural workshop in Sussex UK. Carpenters, joiners, joinery, cabinet makers.

Made to measure, made to order bespoke handmade furniture.

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Environmental policy

Solid timber and timber based products are at the very heart of our business and its our love for trees , wood and nature that is why we do what we do. The future of our business and the future of our planet depend on the proper management  of our forests and their renewable resources. This is why we go out of our way to source materials from suppliers with strict ethical and environmental policies that supply timber from sustainable and well managed forests.
We fully appreciate like all companies based in the wood business we have a commitment and responsibility towards our environment and we take this very seriously. A lot of the timber we use is tagged and and traceable right back to its source.

For more information about forestry policies take a look at these links-

The wood for good campaign
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
Forestry Commission
PEFC (The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

As part of our environmental commitment we go out of our way to make use of every bit of timber down to the smallest scraps. We regularly supply a local school with sizeable off-cuts for their design and technology department. Helping to give the best chance to the up and coming generation of designers and makers.

When installing or doing architectural work, any useable timber is carefully removed and stored at our workshop in our reclaimed timber store for later use.

Any clean timber scraps that can't be made in to something beautiful are used to heat our workshop during the winter months. Anything we cant burn safely is sent off to be burnt in combustion chambers and turned into energy.


Please follow the link below for more information on this

Rabbit Group - Waste management and recycling specialists

For more information about us please take a look at our Buying British page.

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